We have a long term approach and believe that success in our business is reliant on career growth and empowerment of our colleagues and building and growing with our global client relationships.

Our goal is to continually develop the expertise of our staff so that we can provide the best advice, tailored to our clients’ needs.

Our focus is on training and developing our staff. We want to hear from talented professionals and recent graduates capable of making a real contribution to our success.

At JFKBradshaw we promote an open, entrepreneurial culture, offering the opportunity to work across an entire business sector, in an environment that has energy, drive and a professional work ethic. If you have the talent, drive and ability, we will provide the resources, support and platform for you to succeed.

Advisory Team

Our client advisors act on the frontline of our clients’ businesses. Whether having joined as a graduate or an experienced hire, all of our staff are knowledgeable about our clients’ businesses. As a member of the advisory team, you'll be evaluated on the impact of your contributions, and you'll move on to the next role when you acquire the necessary skills. The pace of progress is determined by your ability to lead clients to solutions, help your colleagues succeed, and develop and share knowledge.

Career Path

  • The typical graduate entry point. You will be expected to conduct intensive research as part of an Engagement Team. Your role will be to research and generate reports, in conjunction with a team, to clients and also internal members of the firm.
  • The first step on the ladder towards becoming a Partner of the firm. Your role will be primarily not revenue generating and you will work in conjunction with an Engagement team.
  • When you become an Engagement Manager, you will have responsibility for leading problem solving processes and you will manage a team of Analysts and Associates on a day-to-day basis. You will also manage multiple work streams ensuring the engagements are delivering output on schedule.
  • As a Director you will work with clients in a broader context, working with them on a day to day basis and engaging them to solve their challenges, both current and on the horizon.
  • As a Partner you will have earned an equity stake in the business by demonstrating a commitment to solving the most difficult challenges for our clients, while at the same time as mentoring those who will follow after you.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement of Policy

JFKBradshaw is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all employees and applicants including members of minority groups and women, and will endeavour to make reasonable accommodation to the limitations of physically and mentally disabled employees and applicants, and to fully utilize the skills of all applicants. The company expects all employees to support this policy and to comply with all applicable laws prohibiting discrimination in employment.